Why Rent CPR Equipment?

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If you are looking to get some used CPR equipment, there are many websites which offer good equipment at very affordable rates. At Prime Medical Training, we provide CPR equipment rentals which include: manikins, AED Trainers, masks, EpiPens and other equipment to instructors, for use in CPR, First Aid, and other resuscitation courses and skills evaluations.

You can fill out the equipment rental request form, and our instructor coordinator will be in touch within 24 hours because we understand the value of your time how sometimes classes are very short notice.

Examples of used CPR equipment


Manikins are life-sized dolls that have simulated airways to facilitate the teaching of CPR. Manikins provide a safe and sanitary way for learners to practice and enhance their CPR skills. Some manikins may have other advanced features which can be used for training more advanced skills or to give a more realistic scenario.

AED Trainer

AEDs, also known as Automated External Defibrillators, are part of the CPR equipment. A live AED provides an electrical shock to the heart of an unconscious victim, but AED trainers look and function like a live AED without being able to deliver an actual shock.

Barrier Devices

It is generally discouraged to give mouth-to-mouth breaths which is why rescuers are now trained to use some sort of barrier device. It could be something as simple as a Face Shield which is a piece of plastic with either a one-way valve or filter in the middle; or it could be a mask that fits over the person’s mouth and nose and forms a seal.

Bag Valve Mask Resuscitator

A bag valve mask resuscitator also known as BVM is a hand-held device which is most commonly used to give breaths to victims as an alternative of mouth-to-mouth or even mouth-to-mask. A BVM is generally only used and trained on by healthcare professionals.

First Aid and Casualty Kits

This is sometimes an optional part a your CPR equipment. These kits come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but they all include the basic supplies needed to treat small wounds and injuries. Depending on size and sophistication of the kit, the supplies can include almost everything from surgical sponges, gauze bandages to survival blankets.

To learn more or enroll in one of our classes, please Contact Us or view our list of Upcoming Classes. Prime offers a wide range of classes including CPR, First Aid, ACLS and more! Experience the difference and learn from highly experienced medical providers. We make it easy every step of the way.


  • Geoffrey Balke says:


    My name is Geoff Balke and I am trying to get some information regarding the renting of CPR dummys and AED training aids. I am not currently a CPR instructor, but am trying to research and justify the cost of instructor certification to my manager.

    Thanks in advance,
    Geoff Balke

    • Andrew Randazzo says:

      Geoff, we usually tell people to expect a startup package to be $1500-2000. Renting varies by who you go to.

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