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Where To Get CPR Certified

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If you’re looking for where to get CPR certified, you’re in the right place. We are an AHA CPR training center that offers a range of face-to-face CPR training courses in Knoxville and surrounding areas. Here’s everything you need to know about where to get CPR certified and how to choose the right training course.

Where To Get CPR Certified

There are many ways to get CPR certified, which is why you should study your options and weigh the pros and cons of each. Sure, these resources have one goal — to get you CPR certified — but keep in mind that their structure and payment schemes are often different.

You can get CPR certified through:

1.    Prime Medical

Prime Medical offers public classes for everyone with several dates to pick from each week, perfect for individuals who have many responsibilities on their plates. Prime Medical also has on-site group training to accommodate groups of any size. The certification you’ll get from Prime Medical is also accepted anywhere — your employer, school, or any other organization!

Although beneficial, Prime Medical only offers CPR training to limited locations, namely North Carolina and Tennessee. If you live outside of these locations, you won’t be able to maximize the services of Prime Medical.

2.    Community Classes

You can also get CPR certified by attending community classes in your area. Often, the sports coach or physical education teacher working in middle and high schools in your area is CPR certified and can hold classes to get you CPR certified. Getting your CPR certification in community classes is not only convenient but also often cheap.

Community classes, however, don’t offer flexibility in schedule, which means that this platform might not be best for working adults.

3.    Through Your Employer

Most employers offer CPR training to their employees. Aside from receiving your CPR certification, participating in the training provided by your employer can also boost your morale and make you feel more valued as an employee.

However, not every employer in the world offers CPR training. For employers that do, they are often very selective of the employees who will join (usually safety and first aid officers). If you don’t hold these positions in the company, you might not be qualified to join the CPR training.

Can You Get CPR Certified Online?

Getting CPR certification online is very convenient as you can take classes in the comfort of your own home, at any time.

Additionally, maximizing the World Wide Web for your CPR certification also provides access to your certification and training materials. Do you need a refresher on specific topics? Are you worried about losing your CPR card? These problems are non-existent when you get your CPR certification online because you can easily access these documents using your computer.

On the other hand, getting CPR certified online also has several drawbacks. For one, this option might not be available for individuals who don’t have access to a stable and secure internet connection. Getting CPR certified online also requires self-motivation because instructors won’t regularly follow up on your progress or requirements.

Taking online classes to get a CPR certification is, however, more affordable as you don’t have to pay for any transportation or lodging costs. Using this platform will also save you money from paying overhead costs.

Why Get CPR Certified?

Having a CPR certificate is beneficial because it helps you save lives, increase your confidence, and become more valuable in your office and community.

When you’re CPR certified, you’ll feel more confident in a cardiac emergency because CPR classes will transform you from being a bystander to a lifesaver. By getting a CPR certification, you’ll be able to make the right decisions during a cardiac emergency.

Emergency responders, healthcare providers, and rescue personnel are required to undergo CPR training, but anyone can get CPR certified. As long as you enroll yourself in AHA-certified training centers and complete the requirements, you can get CPR certified.

A CPR certificate is valid for one year, which is why individuals who want to remain CPR certified must undergo training and classes annually.

Cost To Get CPR Certified

Now that you know where to get a CPR certification and why it’s important to get one, it’s time to talk about the costs involved. If you want to get CPR certified, you need to understand how much you’re paying for the classes so you can prepare financially.

Here at Prime Medical, we have different prices for different CPR classes, as shown below:

  • First Aid CPR and AED certification course ($85): This course is primarily for individuals who are required by their organization or employer, but can also be taken by anyone interested in learning how to save a life.
  • Basic life support for healthcare providers ($75): This course is designed to teach healthcare providers to perform CPR on infants, children, adults, and seniors.
  • CPR certification course to meet job requirements ($59): This is a high-quality and engaging course that can be facilitated in-person or through online-blended learning.

Get CPR Certified Today!

If you’re interested in getting your CPR certification today, contact us at 888-288-9049 or send us an email through to register. We are a paramedic-owned company and have been offering a wide variety of life-saving classes since 2013!

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