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The Complete First Aid Responders Kit enhances the ability of healthcare professionals and other first responders to provide CPR and first aid treatments during cardiac emergencies. The nylon pouch with a zipper contains essential first aid supplies such as a CPR mask, razor, nitrile gloves, scissors, and towelettes.

This first aid kit enables people with first aid training to save the lives of people who may unexpectedly experience sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in workplaces, homes, community centers, and medical facilities. The pouch is color red so it is easy to spot and access during emergencies.

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What Is Included in the First Aid Responders Kit?

The first aid kit for CPR includes basic first aid supplies that are vital to the administration of CPR and first aid assistance to cardiac arrest patients. It contains one pair of nitrile gloves, a pocket CPR mask, a razor, scissors, and two towelettes.

Who Can Use the First Aid Responder Kit?

The AED responder kit is suitable for the use of medical professionals and other individuals who are certified in CPR and first aid. People may achieve First Aid & CPR certification by undergoing basic training from AHA-approved providers like Prime Medical Training.

What Should Be In a Responders Kit?

Community first responder kits should include items that first responders can utilize during emergencies when first aid and CPR should be administered to patients. These basic medical supplies should be stored in a sealed pouch that will maintain their cleanliness and efficacy.

Key Product Features

  • Red nylon, zippered pouch
  • Pocket CPR mask with non-rebreather valve
  • Nitrile responsive gloves
  • Trauma shears/scissors
  • Safety razor
  • NaCl towelette (0.9% saline solution)
  • Dry towelette

Prepare for Cardiac Emergencies by Getting the Complete First Aid Responders Kit

First aid and CPR are critical to the survival of cardiac arrest patients before the paramedics finally arrive on the scene. Be ready to administer CPR and first aid assistance during medical emergencies by keeping small first aid kits on hand in your home, workplace, and community center. Enroll in first aid and CPR training to become certified so you can use these kits properly.

A first aid kit with a CPR mask will empower you to save the lives of patients. Place an order for the Complete First Aid Responders Kit today at the Prime Medical Training website.


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