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The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED is designed for use by first responders and experienced rescuers.  Offers real-time, guideline driven feedback combined with IntelliSense technology. One of the best aed devices available.

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The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 is one of the most effective AED gadgets on the market and the first FDA-approved AED with fully automatic shock delivery, dual-language capabilities, changeable increasing energy, and rapid shock times. It features patented Rescue Ready® technology to self-test crucial electrical components such as medical-grade batteries and rescue pads. Manages to combine IntellisenseTM CPR with real-time, guideline-driven feedback (ICPR). It also features a highly visible Rescue Ready indicator, which ensures that rescuers are receiving a functioning AED. The Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED was created with first responders and experienced rescuers in mind.

What is the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED used for?

The Powerheart G5 automated external defibrillator (AED) has a remarkable combination of features that assist a seasoned rescuer or a first-time responder to provide fast, effective, and life-saving treatment to patients who are unresponsive and not breathing or are not breathing regularly and are experiencing signs of sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Who is authorized to use the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED?

The Powerheart® G5 Automated External Defibrillator (AED) should only be used by personnel who have been trained and authorized in its operation. The user should be trained in basic life support or another physician-approved emergency medical response.

Where can I get a spare battery for the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED?

A single Intellisense® battery is all that is required to power a Powerheart G5 AED, and it is available at Cardiac Science, where this trustworthy, Powerheart AED battery is extensively tested in the Powerheart G5 AED to verify its functionality and performance.

Are spare pads for the Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 AED available?

Yes, Cardiac Science offers spare Pediatric and Adult Intellisense® defibrillation pads for the Powerheart G5 AED. Adult pads are used for adults and children aged 8 and above who weigh over 55 pounds. Replacement pads are also available at Prime Medical Training.

Key Product Features

  • ICPR technology
  • Dual-language function
  • RescueCoach prompts advance upon completion of each rescue task
  • The fully automatic G5 unit
  • AED stores 90 minutes of rescue data, accessible by USB cable or USB memory stick
  • IP (ingress protection) rating of IP55 for dust and water
  • Intellisense™ defibrillation pads
  • Intellisense® Lithium battery
  • Rescue Ready® indicator


The Cardiac Science defibrillator, Powerheart G5, and easy-to-use AED make all the difference in life-saving resuscitation. The Powerheart G5 is packed with features that allow both professional and first-time responders to provide a patient the best chance of survival in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest.

The AED package includes:

  • Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 fully-automatic AED
  • Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 Intellisense battery
  • Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 electrodes for Adults
  • Software
  • USB Adapter
  • Cardiac Science Powerheart G5 manual

The asystole detection with threshold measurement on the Powerheart G5 defibrillator is exceptionally accurate. This enables the application of a shock to the weakest cardiac signal.  This defibrillator also can give a varied shock. This means that each shock provided has a greater impact. Every person’s resistance is different. Because the G5’s shock is changeable, this is handled intelligently.

Additional information

8 Year Life Cost


Adult Pad Expires

2 years

Adult Pads Price


Battery Life

4 years

Battery Price


Dust/Water Resistance


LED Prompt


ECG Display


8 Year Life Cost w/ Pediatric Pads


Pediatric Pad Expires

2 years

Pediatric Pads Price


Shock Delivery


Text Prompt


Voice Prompt



8 years


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