Basic AED Cabinet Non-Alarming



This large AED wall cabinet is perfect for keeping AED’s safe and secure…

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Basic large non-alarmed defibrillator wall cabinet with view window; measures 16″L x 14 5/8″H x 8 3/8″W.

The Basic AED Cabinet Non-Alarming serves as a protective storage and display case for your automated external defibrillator (AED) device. It ensures that your AED equipment is highly visible and conveniently accessible by first aid responders in case of a cardiac arrest emergency.

Product Features

Find out more about the Basic AED Cabinet Non-Alarming by assessing its features:

  • The AED cabinet measures 16″L x 14 5/8″H x 8 3/8″W.
  • It has a see-through view window that prominently displays the AED device.
  • The cabinet is solidly constructed so it is a durable storage option for AED equipment.
  • It has a large sign printed in red text which identifies it as an AED cabinet.
  • It features a “PULL TO OPEN” sign so that first aid responders can easily open the cabinet in the event of medical emergencies.
  • Take note that this model does not include an alarm system.

Advantages of Using a Basic AED Cabinet Non-Alarming

There are several reasons why it is beneficial for you to use a non-alarming AED cabinet in your office, school, church, organizational facility, or home:

It Informs First Aid Responders That There Is an AED Device in the Venue

First aid responders will immediately know that AED equipment is available in the location if it is stored in an AED cabinet. They will be able to quickly access the AED device if ever they need to grant medical assistance to persons who unexpectedly experience Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA).

It Safeguards Your AED Equipment To Increase Its Life Span

The AED device is a portable medical machine that is essential to the well-being of individuals and groups. Nevertheless, it can be considered a costly investment. Storing your AED machine in a strong, heavy-duty wall cabinet can potentially lengthen its life span by minimizing external damage. A high-quality AED cabinet enables you to maximize your AED investment.

Non-Alarming Cabinets Are More Subtle Than Cabinets With Alarms

While the cabinets with alarms make noise once the cabinet door is opened, non-alarming cabinets do not make any sounds. Using a non-alarming cabinet is a viable option for you if you do not wish the people in the vicinity to panic in case an SCA emergency occurs.

Keep Your AED Device in a Basic AED Cabinet Non-Alarming

Be ready for cardiac emergencies by storing your AED equipment in a non-alarming wall cabinet. Order a Basic AED Cabinet Non-Alarming from Prime Medical Training today. Call us at (888) 288-9049 if you have questions about our AED cabinets and other products.


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