Ambu® Bag SPUR® II Infant Resuscitator with Infant Mask & Oxygen Reservoir



Ambu Bag Spur II Infant Disposable Resuscitator, including mask and oxygen reservoir.

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The Infant Ambu Bag Spur II is the perfect device to protect your infant’s life. It’s designed specifically for infants and comes with an adjustable mask that fits perfectly on their faces, making it easy to use. You won’t find another device like it on the market today.

How To Use It

The Ambu Bag Spur II Infant Resuscitator is a circular device with a clear plastic shield. The shield locks around the infant’s mouth and nose, sealing off the patient’s breathing both in and out, while the bag is inflated by squeezing to fill with air.

Check out this video or refer to the manual for complete instructions and safety information.

Benefits of Using Ambu Bag Spur II Infant Resuscitator

This infant resuscitator is easy to use and provides just the right amount of pressure, making it perfect for infants. Don’t forget there’s also the Ambu Spur resuscitator for adults too!

You don’t have to worry about anything when using this resuscitator because it has been designed specifically for infants. It’s made from environmentally safe materials, which means you won’t have to worry about your baby breathing in harmful chemicals or toxins while being treated with this device.

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