Designed for healthcare professionals, the American Heart Association ACLS book offers in-depth course material, including a post-cardiac arrest guide, strokes and acute dysrhythmias information.

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This Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) manual by the American Heart Association (AHA) provides healthcare providers in-depth coursework for recognizing and treating cardiovascular emergencies. It also allows you to secure an ACLS card for your practice.

What Is an ACLS Certification Card?

An ACLS certification card is proof of a completed AHA ACLS course. With this manual, you can obtain your ACLS card for jobs requiring intensive cardiac care, emergency response, and issuing medicine.

How Do You Qualify for an AHA ACLS Card?

Learn advanced life-saving skills with this up-to-date ACLS manual. After your ACLS certification, you will qualify for an AHA ACLS card for providing quality cardiac care.

How Soon Can You Get Your ACLS Card?

You can become eligible for an eCard with a two-year validity once you complete the AHA ACLS online certification with this provider manual.

When Can You Claim Your ACLS eCard?

After completing your training course using this AHA ACLS book, you can claim your ACLS eCard with an email notification. Follow the steps provided to save or print your ACLS eCard to show as proof of course completion to your employer.

Upgrade Your Skills Now

Gain the most up-to-date skills in cardiac care and emergencies with a comprehensive ACLS training certification. Use this AHA ACLS book from Prime Medical Training to get your ACLS eCard today.