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Asheville AHA Classes & Certifications

CPR, ACLS, BLS, PALS Certifications in Asheville, NCWe teach all American Heart Association classes to individuals and organizations in the Asheville and surrounding areas.

We offer CPR certification, First Aid, BLS classes, ACLS and PALS. We also offer Bloodborne Pathogens and Oxygen Administration.

Our company is headquartered in Knoxville, TN and Asheville is one of several offices we have in the South East.

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Classes and Certifications Offered

Our Asheville classes fall into 2 basic categories:

Prime Medical Training is an authorized training center for the American Heart Association (AHA). If you’ve never heard of the AHA, read about why we prefer the AHA vs Red Cross CPR.

We teach all AHA disciplines. Local Asheville classes with in-person instructors which include:

    1. CPR certification (includes AED training)
    2. First Aid certification
    3. BLS certification
    4. BLS/CPR Instructor certification (train the trainer)
    5. ACLS certification
    6. PALS certification

Training Service Area

Our Asheville classes are provided multiple times throughout the week at our office just a few minutes off of I-40. Here is a map of our office. These classes are open to the public, and we generally refer to them as “open enrollment classes”. The goal is to make it convenient and easy for you to find and get into a class. View Prime’s open enrollment classes.

If you’re needing a group class, we offer onsite training. We can and have travelled extended distances, but the standard service area includes:

  • Black Mountain, NC
  • Weaverville, NC
  • Canton, NC
  • Waynesville, NC
  • Hendersonville, NC
  • Fletcher, NC
  • Marion, NC
  • Sylva, NC
  • Brevard, NC

Training Options

We offer four primary methods of training to make training convenient for our customers.

Public Enrollment Classes – these are instructor-led training courses that are scheduled regularly for the public. Almost always theses classes are held at our office.

Online Training – For online AHA course training, such as the AHA online CPR certification for healthcare providers, the student has the option to complete the knowledge and testing portion online and then come to our office for a skills check off with an instructor.

Private Classes – Some people can’t find a public enrollment class that fits their schedule or they would feel more comfortable learning without the pressure of others around them. For this reason, we offer private classes for an additional cost.

On-site Training –We are happy to travel your organization or office to teach a class. Prime Medical Training is willing to travel anywhere in the country to meet your training needs. We offer discounted training for groups of 6 or more people.

Please note, not all methods apply to all Asheville classes. For example, we offer an ‘online CPR renewal’, but we do not offer ‘online emergency oxygen’ training.

The Customer Experience

Many companies talk a lot about quality training and fun classes. While that certainly is a factor of the experience you’ll have at our Asheville classes, we take a holistic approach to our customer’s experience that starts with their initial contact with our brand and continues by providing ongoing support and resources long after the class is over.

At Prime, customer experience is condensed into three main elements. You can learn more about what each of these mean.

#1 Easy

#2 Professional

#3 Purpose-driven

Why get Asheville training from Prime Medical Training?

#1 Experienced Emergency Responders

You wouldn’t go to a foot doctor if you needed a tooth pulled. So why would you get CPR training from someone who’s never done CPR (or did it once, 30 years ago)?

If you need the training, it only makes sense to go to the people that specialize in it. At Prime, every instructor is carefully vetted to be authorities in the subjects they teach.

Be careful of sites that simply advertise their instructors are ‘medical professionals’. An RN who’s worked at a pediatric office's specialty is a lot different than an RN who works in the Emergency Department.

#2 An Established Company

Many instructors, especially those who teach CPR classes or ACLS classes, do it as a part time job. Because of this, you can run into a few problems despite well meaning instructors.

They may or may not be able to teach when you need them and typically they are not insured. Once you give them your money or take a class, we hear from a lot of clients who have a hard time tracking down their instructor and still need a certification card or a replacement card.

Choosing an established company like Prime Medical Training ensures we’re always available to answer phones and emails to take care of any of your needs when you need it.

#3 A Professional Touch

Students can always expect a very professional approach to the way we handle our classes. Follow up emails and calls, well-dressed instructors, and expedited issuing of certification cards are just a few of the professional touchpoints students experience before, during and after our training.

#4 Training That Isn’t Painful

There's no doubt you’ve sat through a class that painfully drags on.

It’s not hard to become an instructor and offer classes such as First Aid training, ACLS certifications or BLS certifications. However, holding an instructor card doesn’t make someone good at teaching.

Prime doesn’t promise you’ll be so excited about our classes that you can’t sleep the night before. Generally, recertifying is not the highlight of your year.

However, we can promise that our instructors are hired because of their dynamic personality. They make the experience as painless as possible and despite all odds, people have fun and learn something new.

By the way, 96% of customers say that Prime Medical Training’s classes are better than any place they’ve had a class in the past. We often have people drive from other states or take travel nursing assignments near us, just to attend one of our classes.

#5 Limit Your Liabilities

Prime Medical Training offers OSHA compliant classes and is an authorized AHA Training Center. We have a high standard of integrity and do things by the book.

Taking a CPR renewal class that only takes 1 hour puts you and your organization at risk. There are countless news articles and law suits from across the country of instructors and students who cut corners in a CPR class.

It may not seem like a big deal in the moment, but in the court’s eyes, it’s considered medical fraud. Instructors and students both have lost their jobs, lost licenses, had to pay fines, and have been imprisoned.

Making Prime Medical Training your choice for training ensures you will avoid those liabilities.


"Great staff. Knowledgeable and able to explain concepts clearly and succinctly. The practice scenarios were well organized and executed. I am very glad I went here." - Preston Buchanan

"Very professional and informative class. This is the best CPR class I have taken!" - Karen Ems

"I renewed my Heartsaver CPR/AED certification with Prime Medical Training. The class was very well done by Hector; it was efficient, provided great interactive learning and plenty of time to practice the skills. I highly recommend!" - Lana Burl

"I would suggest prime medical training to anyone who is looking for BLS, CPR, and AED training. They are very nice and very informative!! They walk you through everything step by step until you are comfortable that you understand." - Terri Lucas

"I have taken BLS and ACLS classes for the past 15 years, and this is by far the most efficient, salient class I have taken. Highly recommend." - Jenny Smith

People We've Worked With

Meet Our Asheville Team!

We’re proud of our team. They are what set us apart and have customers leaving us glowing review after review about our Asheville classes. See the faces below of our team members and possibly your next instructor!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my job or school accept your certification?
Yes, our certifications are the most nationally recognized. We have never had anyone question the validity. We would even call your work or school on your behalf if there was ever a problem.

Do you teach AHA (American Heart Association) classes?
Yes, we are an authorized AHA training center. AHA classes are the bulk of what we teach.

How can I schedule a class?
Call us at 1-888-288-9049 or go online to our class registration calendar. For groups, call or fill out our onsite training form.

How can I pay?
We accept Credit Card and Check from individuals. Groups will be charged a 3.5% processing fee for using a credit card. Cash must be given in exact change.

Can I pay at the class?
Individuals must register and pay before the class in order to reserve their seat.

What is Prime’s cancellation/refund policy?
A full refund, minus processing fees if applicable, can be given up to 24 hours before the class. Within 24hr of the class, a partial refund or scheduling fee can be assessed. There is no refund given for no call, no shows the day of class.

I have back and knee problems or some other issue that prevents me from getting down on the floor. Can I attend the training?
Yes, we are ADA compliant. We will reasonably accommodate your disability always using discretion and professionalism in doing so.

I have an injury or disability that prevents me from performing all the skills. Can I still be certified?
We will always try to reasonably accommodate disability, but we still require you to perform the skills and testing at the same standard as others. If you cannot, we will be unable to issue a certification card.

What is the American Heart Association and how is it different from the Red Cross?
We wrote a great article about the difference between the AHA vs Red Cross. In short, the AHA has become the more widely recognized standard and it’s a significantly more cost effective program.

What qualifications do the instructors have?
All of our instructors are authorities with experience in the subject matter they teach. At the very least, they are emergency medical responders. Learn more about our team.

Will Prime Medical Training travel to my location?
Yes, we can travel to your location. Generally, there is no additional cost for us traveling to your location if it is in our service area. We offer flat rates on classes and discounts for large groups. Request a free quote from us for on-site training.

Where is Prime Medical Training's Asheville office located?
Our office is in Asheville, NC.

When will I get my certification card?
All certification cards are sent within one business day via email. If a paper card is issued, it will be given immediately after the class ends. We try our best to expedite cards when requested.

Do you offer phlebotomy classes?
Though we come up in search results all the time, we do not offer phlebotomy classes or training. Check with your local community college for this type of course.

Can I schedule a private class?
Yes. Our private classes can be scheduled at your convenience. We understand sometimes a public class does not fit into your schedule or you’d prefer the one-on-one attention and pace. Please contact us to learn more about the cost of a private class.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, we have different pricing tiers for different size groups.

How fast can I schedule a group class?
We can guarantee availability two weeks out. Any sooner will depend on how many people are in the group and our availability.

Do you offer free classes?
Throughout the year we hold public events or workshops that are free to the community. These are usually educational classes that do not give a certification card. If you need a certification for a job or state requirement you will want to register for one of our regular classes.

Is Prime Medical Training hiring?
We may not always be hiring, but we are always accepting resumes. We don’t have an application for you to fill out. Just send us an email with your resume and we’ll get back to you.

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