CPR Business Coaching & Consulting

cpr training business consulting

A CPR training business can be a great business model that generates good profits, and gives the business owner freedom and flexibility to enjoy more of life.

CPR Instructor Affiliates has a turn key business model with a proven track record that answers all your questions about what is needed to start a CPR training business, and quickly launch you into this exciting career path.

Below is the holistic approach we take in helping CPR training startups.

Business Concept

  • Helping refine and make your business idea a reality.
  • Refining the product and services you'll be offering.
  • Identifying who your ideal customers are (and who they are not).
  • Learning how to package and sell it with a strategic pricing model that establishes your position as a legitimate player in the market.

Customer Relations

  • How and where to network to meet the right people.
  • The essential marketing tactics and which ones are a money pit.
  • Sales scripts and strategies to close the deal.
  • Communication and PR tactics to new and existing clients.
  • How to infuse your core values into the branding of the company.


  • Discussing what kind of legal structure is best for your concept.
  • How to recruit and develop staff.
  • What tasks are best outsourced.
  • How to find and develop relationships with suppliers.


  • How to handle and track finances.
  • Creating systems and processes that can scale as you grow.
  • Looking at IT-systems to make operations more efficient.
  • Considering what kind of facility will be needed.

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