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How to find the right AHA Training Center?

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Not all AHA Training Centers are equal.

Like any organization, not all training centers are equal. The truth is, there are good and bad training centers out there. Good training centers deliver quality and timely support to instructors.

What to look when choosing an AHA Training Center to align with.

When choosing a training center or deciding whether to transfer to a training center, look for the following:

#1 Response Time.

An instructor can call and email a training center over and over without getting a response. This effects the instructor’s ability to do their job by holding up the process and getting certifications to students. Make sure you choose a training center that responds in a timely manner.

#2 Issuing of Certifications.

Training centers are required to give certifications to instructors within 10 days of receiving a roster. However, the rule is not always reality, and some training centers can take several weeks before sending cards out or may fail to ever issue certifications.

#3 Systems.

Every training center operates differently. Some training centers may require you to mail in rosters and testing materials. Consider how these systems may affect the students you are teaching by delaying the time it takes to get certifications in the hands of students.

Look for training centers that use an online system to receive rosters and payment electronically. Furthermore, be sure to ask how long it takes for certifications to be sent after a roster is submitted.

You can contact us about aligning with our training center. For more information about becoming a CPR Instructor, you can visit Prime Medical Training or search the AHA’s national database for CPR Instructor classes.

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