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Difference Between BLS Instructor vs. HeartSaver Instructor

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What are the differences?

The AHA offers two different CPR classes that target different professions or types of responders.

HeartSaver Instructor

HeartSaver is a family of classes that include CPR/AED, First Aid, and Bloodborne Pathogens.

The AHA HeartSaver courses are formatted for individuals working in a non-healthcare field who may be required to have a certification for their job.

BLS Instructor

BLS stands for Basic Life Support which covers CPR/AED with advanced techniques for team rescuers.

AHA BLS is targeted towards licensed healthcare professionals and healthcare students who are required by their state licensing board or employer to have a CPR certification.

BLS Instructors are given the highest training of a CPR Instructor. As a BLS Instructor, an individual can teach all classes which include:

For more information about becoming a CPR Instructor, you can visit Prime Medical Training or search the AHA’s national database for CPR Instructor classes.

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