PALS Hands-On Session


The PALS hands-on session is part of the AHA's Blended Learning course. This is an alternative option from the traditional Instructor-Led PALS Provider course. Students will first take an online course called PALS HeartCode. This online course includes videos and simulations. Upon completion, students will receive a certificate, and can find an AHA Training Center to conduct the PALS Hands-On session. After successfully completing both the online and hands-on session, students will receive their BLS Provider certification.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is PALS HeartCode?

PALS HeartCodes is part 1 of 2 to complete the AHA's online blended learning option. It's a combination of video and esimulations which can be done on the student's own time and pace.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning means that part of the class is done online and part is done in person. The AHA blended learning courses offer all the cognitive portion of the class online, and then the student practices and demonstrates their skills during a hands-on session.

Who can take PALS HeartCode?

PALS courses are for those in the medical field with jobs that require advanced emergency training. The PALS HeartCode is an option for those people who prefer the convenience of doing the majority of their training online at their own pace.

How long does it take to complete the online PALS HeartCode?

Times vary by person, but the AHA says the online course will take on average 6.5-7 hours.

How long is the PALS hands-on skills session?

Depending on class size and the instructor, it will take approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete.

What is required to attend a PALS hands-on session?

Students will need to complete the online PALS HeartCode course. After completion, they will receive a certificate that they can present to the instructor performing the hands-on session.

Will my PALS Provider certification be any different?

No, the PALS Provider certification you receive will be the exact same as if you had gone through an Instructor-Led course.

What will I have to do in the PALS hands-on session?

Students will be tested on their Child and Infant BLS skills. They will also practice with an EZ-IO and perform a Megacode (up to instructor's discretion). Students will have an opportunity to practice all sections before being tested.

Will I have to take a written test and megacode?

No, the written test is taken online before coming to the PALS hands-on session. Students will also take several online esimulation megacodes. It is up to the discretion of the instructor whether they will have the student perform a hands-on megacode.

Is the hands-on session included in the cost of the online course?

No, the hands-on session is sold separately. The AHA does not set or control the pricing set by each individual training center.