PALS Renewal

  • The Pediatric Advanced Life Support course is designed to be interactive, very hands on, and efficient.
  • In class, students get to use equipment such as the EZ-IO, the time-saving Broselow Tape, and other practical tools.
  • We meet students at their knowledge level and moving at their pace. Prime leaves no healthcare provider behind and takes the fear and complexity completely out of PALS.










Who is PALS for?

AHA PALS classes are primarily for advanced healthcare providers who need a PALS certification for their job (i.e. Paramedics, Nurser, and Doctors). This requirement is driven by state licensing regulations. These regulations may apply to an entire healthcare organization or to individual healthcare professionals.

This class can also be taken by medical professionals or students in a medical program who don't have requirements, but are interested in expanding their knowledge.

What is taught in a PALS certification class?

PALS classes build on the fundamentals taught in BLS classes. Students will learn about EKG interpretation, medication administration, advanced airway management, and more.

How does the PALS class work?

Students will come to class and receive instruction, watch videos, practice skills and be tested. No prior studying is required. There is an online pre-test you will take at home, but we make sure to deliver a comprehensive class.

What sets our PALS classes apart?

Our instructors make sure no one is left behind. New or past student, you'll leave feeling empowered with new knowledge and skills ready to perform with confidence.

Why should you choose our PALS training?

It's a low-stress and efficient environment. We never cancel classes and instructors are professional and kind. You can also count on receiving your certification card fast!


PALS stands for Pediatric Advanced Life Support. It builds on the fundamentals of high quality BLS and introduces advanced airway management, ECG rhythm interpretation, Pediatric Assessment Model, and the use of cardiac and respiratory drugs.

Yes. The AHA PALS online blended learning class is nationally recognized and widely accepted. In addition to the AHA PALS class online, students need to complete a hands-on skills session.

After completing the PALS training online and the skills session, students will receive an AHA PALS certification.

Depending on who you take it from, it should take about 5-8 hours.

The PALS certification is good for 2 years.

The PALS pretest is online. You can find a link with the passcode in your PALS student manual, or your instructor will provide you this information before coming to class. The PALS pretest is required by the AHA before a student can take a PALS class.

Students can find third-party PALS practice tests online. However, the official PALS pretest serves as a great practice tool, and students can retake it as many times as they want.

No. PALS does not cover all the topics of BLS. PALS only focuses on pediatric life support for cardiac, respiratory and shock emergencies. BLS teaches Adult CPR, choking, and naloxone administration which are not covered in PALS.

PALS only provides a brief review of Child/Infant BLS. It does not go in depth with Child/Infant BLS and it does not cover at all the topics of Adult CPR, choking, or naloxone administration.

After successfully completing a PALS class, a student should be issued their certification card immediately after the class but no more than 20 days after the class. Students will receive an eCard sent via email.

You can read more here about getting a replacement card. Those who initially received an eCard via email can login to the AHA and retrieve it. If you initially received a traditional paper card, you will either need to contact the instructor who taught your class or the training center the instructor was aligned with at the time they taught your class. You may be charged a fee for replacement paper cards.

Prime Medical Training offers local PALS classes at their offices and they travel to student’s locations. Search Prime’s class registration page to find upcoming classes in your location.