Course Overview

Our Oxygen Administration Certification at Prime Medical Training equips you to provide basic medical assistance to patients who experience what’s known as “shock” during critical emergency situations. Shock causes oxygen to be depleted from a person’s body.

Our O2 Safety Training teaches students the skills needed to administer emergency oxygen to breathing and non-breathing patients. This skill is critical as vital organs need oxygen to continue functioning properly.

Contact us about Oxygen Administration classes so you can help save the lives of patients entering shock during medical emergencies.

12:1 Student:Instructor Ratio

2yr Certification

6:1 Student:Epuipment Ratio

1 Hour Class

What’s Covered in This Oxygen Certification Course?

Prime Medical Training’s Oxygen Certification Course teaches you how to administer emergency oxygen to both breathing and non-breathing persons. The training will teach how to use a pulse oximetry device to measure oxygen levels. The training gives insight into oxygen delivery systems and teaches how to recognize and treat patients undergoing shock.

What To Expect From Your Oxygen Administration Certification Session

Our staff of certified instructors will teach you a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Through small classes and state of the art equipment, Prime Medical Training will offer you comprehensive learning experience.

Requirements To Take This Oxygen Administration Class

Our Oxygen Administration Class is open to anyone required to undergo oxygen safety training for their workplace. Professionals such as first responders, medical volunteers, lifeguards, manufacturing staff, and industrial staff are often required to have this training.

Oxygen Administration Certification Tests & Certificates

Upon course completion you will receive an Oxygen Administration Certification within one business day of the training. This certification is valid for two years, and the class meets OSHA and job regulatory requirements.


Who Can Legally Administer Oxygen?

O2 administration may be legally performed by anyone who holds a current Oxygen Administration Certification. Some examples are medical volunteers, lifeguards, first responders, industrial staff, and manufacturing staff.

How Long Does This Oxygen Course Take To Complete?

The Oxygen Administration Certification Course last approximately 2 hours. During this time, you will be taught how to administer emergency oxygen to patients and how to utilize oxygen delivery systems.

How Long Does Oxygen Administration Certification Last?

The Oxygen Administration Certification is valid for two-years.

What Locations Do You Offer Oxygen Administration Certification Sessions?

We offer Oxygen Administration Certification sessions at all of our training centers. You can choose from four convenient locations in the Southeast: Asheville, Knoxville, Johnson City, and Memphis.

What Clients Say About Our Oxygen Administration Classes

The Oxygen Administration Classes at Prime Medical Training have received superb ratings from our students. The training is simple and easy for anyone to understand- making you confident in your skills.