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  • OSHA and State compliant CPR and First Aid certification classes.
  • This CPR and First Aid certification class is primarily for those who are required to be certified by their employer or organization, but it’s also for anyone who is concerned about knowing how to save a life.
  • Prepare for any emergency situation by getting your certification in CPR and First Aid. Our classes allow you to get certification if it’s required by your organization. They are also affordable, convenient, and compliant with OSHA standards. You can register now or find out more about our classes below.










Who Needs First Aid CPR/AED Certification?

You will need to have first aid CPR/AED certification if you are required by your job to do so. Working as a daycare worker, electrician, or a worker in a manufacturing facility are a few examples.

What Is a First Aid CPR/AED Certification Used For?

Some people have it because OSHA requires them to due to the remote location of their work. Sometimes there are state laws that regulate who has First Aid CPR/AED training. Other times companies elect to have an internal emergency response team.

How Does the First Aid CPR/AED Class Work?

Students will come to class and receive instruction, watch videos, practice skills, and be tested. No prior studying is required, and there is no written test.

You can learn more about how this works here.

What Sets Our First Aid CPR/AED Classes Apart?

This class is meant for those with no medical knowledge which means our instructors make sure no one is left behind. Whether you are new or a veteran, you'll leave feeling empowered with new knowledge and skills ready to perform with confidence.

Check out our about page to find out more.

Why Should You Choose Our First Aid CPR/AED Training?

We make the classes engaging and dynamic. On top of that, we will never cancel classes, instructors are professional and kind, and classes are low stress and easy. You can also count on receiving your certification card fast!

Where Can You Find Class Locations?

You can find the locations of our classes here.


Yes and no. Any class that is completely online is generally not accepted by employers as OSHA and state requirements mandate hands on training.

However, if you take an online blended class where part of the course is done online, and then you perform your skills in front of an instructor, that is a legitimate way of getting your CPR and First Aid certification online.

Yes. The AHA online blended learning class is nationally recognized and widely accepted. In addition to the First Aid class online, students need to complete a hands-on skills session.

After completing the CPR training online and the skills session, students will receive a First Aid certification.

Yes. First Aid classes can be taken as a separate module from CPR.

First Aid is the care given to someone who has suffered sudden illness or injury. The goal is to preserve life either by fixing the injury or getting the person to a higher level of care.

Technically, CPR is part of First Aid care. However, in terms of courses, they are generally considered two separate things because of how much information and practice is involved in CPR alone.

Being First Aid certified means that a person has been trained in the past two years to provide basic care to the most common and/or life-threatening sudden illnesses or injuries.

After successfully completing a First Aid class, a student should be issued their certification card immediately after the class but no more than 30 days after the class. The card may be a traditional paper card or be an eCard sent via email. We send our cards within 24 hours of the class.

We wrote an article about getting a replacement card. Those who initially received an eCard via email can login to the AHA and retrieve it. If you initially received a traditional paper card, you will either need to contact the instructor who taught your class or the training center the instructor was aligned with at the time they taught your class. You may be charged a fee for replacement paper cards.

Prime Medical Training offers local CPR classes at their offices and they travel to student’s locations. Search Prime’s class registration page to find upcoming classes in your location.

No. Students are no longer required to take a test in order to obtain a First Aid certification card. This is a change that happened when the 2010 CPR guidelines were released.

First aid classes typically cover a wide range of ways you can assist a person who has been hurt. Meanwhile, CPR classes focus on helping a person who is undergoing cardiac arrest.

A CPR and first aid certification typically last for two years.

Although OSHA does not state who can provide CPR training, they emphasize that getting it online is insufficient.