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BLS Classes In Knoxville, Tennessee

  • Our BLS class in Knoxville is a version of CPR specifically tailored to healthcare providers. Join our upcoming BLS classes in Knoxville to learn how to perform CPR on infant, child, and adult victims.
  • If you’re in school to become a healthcare professional or you already have a medical license, get BLS certified in Knoxville right here! Our American Heart Association BLS training will provide you with the best BLS certification Knoxville has.
  • If you’re not a healthcare professional and you don’t need a BLS certificate, you can take a look at our non-healthcare CPR classes!










What is BLS AHA certification?

The Basic Life Support (BLS) course results in BLS certification from AHA (American Heart Association). BLS training provides participants with the ability to recognize life-threatening emergencies, perform timely AED use, deliver functional ventilations, and give adequate chest compressions.

Do you offer online BLS training?

Prime Medical Training focuses on the physical aspects of BLS CPR classes — we believe that this is not a skill you can obtain solely through online training. With that in mind, we encourage you to visit our training center in Knoxville, TN for in-person classes!

Will I get a BLS certificate?

Yes, Prime Medical Training provides BLS courses approved by the AHA — we are an AHA-authorized training center, and you’ll get a BLS certificate at the end of your training.

Is BLS & CPR the same course?

No — BLS is the highest CPR level you can get, and it’s intended for healthcare professionals. General CPR classes are intended for anyone else who wants to learn CPR, or professionals in non-healthcare industries that still need CPR certification in Knoxville.


If you want to renew a BLS certificate, you need to go through a review course — an abbreviated variation of the initial instructor-led course. It helps experienced participants refresh their knowledge and skills.

We’ve been offering BLS courses and certification in Knoxville since 2013.

All of our instructors are medical professionals with a background in emergency medicine.

Once students arrive at our class, they receive all the instruction, materials, and lessons needed for BLS certification in Knoxville; you don’t need to bring anything yourself.

No. Beginners with no previous medical knowledge should take our general CPR class — BLS is intended for medical professionals.