Active Shooter Training

Training for you, Training for Life!

surviving an active shooter situation

Active Shooter Training

The Active Shooter Training provided by Prime Medical Training is a fully comprehensive and engaging course that you won't find anywhere else. We take a very wholistic approach. Most training programs focus on reacting to the event as it's happening. Our training starts with how to recognize and prevent active shooter events, and all the critical life-saving details that happen after the shooting stops.

This class is offered for individuals and organizations. Disgruntled employees (or ex-employees) can turn violent as we've seen across the nation. Businesses with high foot traffic are also big targets.

Not only is this training helping you prepare for the unexpected, but it's a fantastic team building opportunity. This builds camaraderie and lets employees know that their well being is cared for.

Depending on the individual or organization's needs, we provide three basic tracts which we discuss below. You'll learn about:

  • The 3 Tracts offered
  • The experts that developed this curriculum
  • Our course outline and objectives
  • Frequently Asked Questions about Active Shooter Training

2 Options to Choose From

Active Shooter Response

You'll learn the 3 critical elements if you ever find yourself in the middle of an active shooter incident. Not only do we teach you what to do, but it's equally important to learn what not to do.

Stop the Bleed

Sometimes there's no escaping and you may find yourself as a hostage. Statistically, your chance of survival as a hostage aren't great, but using the skills we teach you, you can increase those chances drastically!

Active Shooter for Executive Teams

Inevitably, someone usually gets seriously injured during an active shooter event. That person may be you or someone near you. Many people in the past have died from these injuries, not because it was imminent, but because they did nothing to control the bleeding. We'll cover wound packing and tourniquet use.

chris dixon military photo

Lead Active Shooter Instructor

Christopher Dixon is a Retired Air Force Independent Duty Medic.  He served 3 tours in Afghanistan providing medical support for ground, air and special operations units.  He is the recipient of multiple awards for valor and bravery to include the 2015 Battlefield Medic of the Year for the United States Air Force.  Chris has developed the Active Shooter Training course because he wants to provide the information and get the tools into the hands of citizens where they can increase the chance of survival and make a difference in the outcome of patients.

Learn about our other instructors.