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ACLS Skills Session (AHA Blended Learning)


Having a certification in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) demonstrates that you'll know what to do in an emergency situation and assist someone who has gone into cardiac arrest. An ACLS certification will also benefit you career-wise.

Our ACLS certification classes teach all students how to recognize and treat adults who have suffered cardiac or respiratory arrest and any cardiopulmonary emergency.

At Prime Medical Training, we customize each program and provide ample time for students in their ACLS lessons. Our sessions are lively and efficient, and we ensure that no student falls behind.










What's Covered In This ACLS Hands-On Class?

Our ACLS course focuses on the lifesaving BLS techniques taught in the BLS course, highlighting the critical nature of sustained, high-quality CPR. This course teaches the following:

  • BLS skills
  • Detection and prompt treatment of respiratory and cardiac arrest and peri-arrest conditions
  • Airway management
  • Related pharmacology
  • Management of ACS and stroke
  • Effective communication

What To Expect From Your ACLS Skills Session

An ACLS-certified instructor will walk the learner through several life-threatening cardiopulmonary situations throughout the ACLS skills session. Each scenario will require the student to demonstrate a firm understanding of ACLS concepts and mechanics, including adult BLS, basic airway management, and megacodes (as determined by the instructor).

ACLS Heartcode & AHA Blended Learning

ACLS HeartCodes is the first of two courses required to finish the AHA's online blended learning program. It's a mixture of video and e-simulations that students can complete at their own pace and schedule. The AHA blended learning programs deliver the entire cognitive section of the course online, followed by a hands-on session in which the student exercises and displays their skills.

ACLS Tests & Certificates

An ACLS Certification or Recertification is required from most healthcare providers to ensure their ability to deal with a variety of emergency scenarios. To earn your certificate, you must first complete a course and then complete an ACLS Certification exam.


ACLS HeartCodes is part 1 of 2 to complete the AHA's online blended learning option. It's a combination of video and esimulations which can be done on the student's own time and pace.

Blended learning means that part of the class is done online and part is done in person. The AHA blended learning courses offer all the cognitive portion of the class online, and then the student practices and demonstrates their skills during a hands-on session.

ACLS courses are for those in the medical field with jobs that require advanced emergency training. The ACLS HeartCode is an option for those people who prefer the convenience of doing the majority of their training online at their own pace.

Times vary by person, but the AHA says the online course will take on average 6.5-7 hours.

Depending on class size and the instructor, it will take approximately 1-1.5 hours to complete.

Students will need to complete the online ACLS HeartCode course. After completion, they will receive a certificate that they can present to the instructor performing the hands-on session.

No, the ACLS Provider certification you receive will be the exact same as if you had gone through an Instructor-Led course.

Students will be tested on their Adult BLS, basic Airway Management, and Megacode (up to instructor's discretion), but will have an opportunity to practice all before being tested.

No, the written test is taken online before coming to the ACLS hands-on session. Students will take several online esimulation megacodes. It is up to the discretion of the instructor whether they will have the student perform a hands-on megacode.

No, the hands-on session is sold separately. The AHA does not set or control the pricing set by each individual training center.

ACLS HeartCode training is intended for persons working in the medical sector who require advanced emergency training, such as paramedics, nurses, and physicians. It is viable for individuals who choose to do most of their learning online and on their own schedule.

Students must show their certificate of completion for the online section of the program to the AHA Instructor to be admitted into a hands-on session. This in-person skills training and assessment session will be required to acquire an AHA course completion card.

Prime Medical Training offers local ACLS classes at their offices, and they travel to students' locations. Prime Medical Training has AHA CPR & ACLS Training Centers located in Johnson City, TN, Knoxville, TN, Memphis, TN, Asheville, NC, and surrounding areas.

Our ACLS Skills session is available for purchase separately. The price is between $125-275. Following completion of the eLearning portion, learners will attend an organized instructor-led session that concentrates on meaningful skills training, debriefing, group simulations, discussion of local protocols, and skill assessment. Call us to learn about class availability.