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ACLS Certification Renewal


The American Heart Association (AHA), Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certification enables students to diagnose and care for adults with cardiopulmonary emergencies. Through an ACLS renewal class you will enhance your life-saving skills and open new doors for career advancement.

With our top-quality, instructor-led courses, you will learn how to recognize the early signs of cardiopulmonary arrest, prevention tips, continuous CPR, post-cardiac arrest care, and more.

At Prime Medical Training, we understand the specific needs of medical professionals. We understand life is busy and have developed flexible programs to be as convenient as possible for your schedule.










What Does This ACLS Renewal Course Cover?

The American Heart Association (AHA) Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) will teach you life-saving skills, including life support, chest compressions, symptom recognition, and early management skills. Among other things, the course teaches how to interpret EKGs, delve deeper into pharmacology, and lead energy assessments. At the end of the day you will be refreshed in your patient care capabilities.

What Can You Expect from Your ACLS Certificate Renewal Class?

This certificate renewal class is a half-day training with ample time for progressive classroom-style learning and practical applications. You will work with teachers and fellow class members to become comfortable in your skills. Don’t hesitate to ask questions during these sessions to prepare yourself for future scenarios.

How Long Does an ACLS Certification Renewal Class Take to Complete?

An ACLS renewal course usually takes anywhere between four to six hours, depending on break times and the number of enrolled participants. Time varies as well depending on time needed for exams.

ACLS Renewal Tests and Certificates

ACLS is offered in two training formats: classroom training and blended learning. Both require a hands on portion and teach AHA science-based skills to students. Upon finishing all tests, students will receive an American Heart Association (AHA) ACLS Course Completion Card valid for two years.


Medical professionals in emergency departments, surgery centers, and ICUs often require ACLS certification. These courses provide healthcare professionals with treatment guidelines for cardiopulmonary emergencies such as heart attack, stroke, and hypertension. At Prime Medical Training, we aim to help medical workers prepare for the potentially fatal emergencies they face daily.

Almost anybody can get ACLS certification, but medical practitioners are the ones who will most benefit from it. If you want to attend an ACLS renewal class, you must complete a Basic Life Support (BLS) course to prove you have ample medical knowledge. Afterward, you should enroll and complete an ACLS course before you attend renewal classes.

We offer ACLS renewal classes in three locations: Knoxville, Johnson City, and Memphis. Rest assured, you will experience Prime Medical Training excellence no matter what branch you attend. 

The expenses associated with ACLS certificate renewal depend on many factors, but they often cost anywhere between $100 – $250. This amount does not cover any books, materials, or skills check yet. 

The ACLS pretest is online. You can find a link with passcode in your ACLS student manual, or your instructor will provide you this information before coming to class. The ACLS pretest is required by the AHA before a student can take the ACLS class.

Students can find third-party ACLS practice tests online. However, the official ACLS pretest serves as a great practice tool, and students can retake it as many times as they want.

No. ACLS does not cover all the topics of BLS. ACLS only focuses on adult cardiac life support. BLS teaches Child/Infant CPR, choking, and naloxone administration which are not covered in ACLS.

ACLS only provides a brief review of Adult BLS only. It does not go in depth with Adult BLS and it does not cover at all the topics of Child and Infant CPR, choking, or naloxone administration.

After successfully completing an ACLS class, a student should be issued their certification card immediately after the class but no more than 20 days after the class. Students will receive an eCard sent via email.

You can read our article on getting a replacement card. Essentially, those who initially received an eCard via email can login to the AHA and retrieve it. If you initially received a traditional paper card, you will either need to contact the instructor who taught your class or the training center the instructor was aligned with at the time they taught your class. You may be charged a fee for replacement paper cards.

Prime Medical Training offers local ACLS classes at their offices and they travel to student’s locations. Search Prime’s class registration page to find upcoming classes in your location.