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CAPCE Accreditation for Prime Medical Training

By January 12, 2017 March 9th, 2018 No Comments

From the start of our company, we were very intentional when we chose the name Prime Medical Training. Our intent was to grow in our offerings of classes. As we continue to add to our portfolio of classes, we are beginning to have to cross different bridges. One of the exciting steps for us is pursuing national accreditation.

What does national accreditation do for us?

By attaining a nationally recognized accreditation, we can begin to offer a variety of classes that are not limited to particular topics or curriculum. This allows us to be flexible and responsive to the specific needs of healthcare providers. If we sense there is a need for contact hours on a particular topic, we can teach that course and issue contact hours (also known as CEUs or CMEs).

What is the process for national accreditation?

We first need to identify which accrediting organization will best meet our needs and the needs of those we work with. Once we’ve determined who we want to go through, the process is generally the same for any organization.

First, we have to put together and create several documents including a needs assessment, policies, business plan, etc. Afterwards, our application is presented to a review board. They may have questions or request additional information. Finally (and hopefully) the board approves us accreditation.

What is our timeline for accreditation?

We’d like to have selected an organization within a month. Currently we are discussing with a few different organizations. The application and review process generally takes about 1-2 months. With any luck, we hope to be an accrediting organization by the end of March.

We’ll keep everyone posted on our process. This is a very exciting time for us, and it’s a mark of affirmation that we are growing and greater things are on the horizon.

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