BLS vs CPR [Detailed Explanation]

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The BLS CPR certification classes, also known as basic life support,  are essential for people from almost every walk of life. This training not only helps them to understand the sequence of CPR, but also assist them in performing the critical skills necessary to be a life saver for someone in cardiac arrest.

During an event of cardiac arrest, the flow of oxygen to the brain and heart stops. If precautionary measures are not taken right away, this can harm the brain and ultimately will be life threatening.

To learn the proper method of performing CPR, it is best to find classes taught by highly experienced medical professionals who’ve done what they teach and take the training seriously. Here at Prime, we offer courses and ensure that those people who wish to secure their basic life support CPR certification are highly competent in the event of an emergency. Prime Medical Training offers many classes including CPR/AED, First Aid and ACLS etc. With our classes, students can learn to become highly efficient providers that are ready to save lives. If you don’t see a class you are looking for? Feel free to contact us and we will be glad to find a solution for you.

Who needs BLS CPR certification classes?

There are two types CPR classes. BLS CPR certification classes are for healthcare providers. HeartSaver CPR is for non-healthcare providers who require certification for their job or personal development. Healthcare providers go much more in depth with their training. These people include: Nurses, Paramedics, CNAs, Physicians.

Lay rescuers learn the basic techniques required for CPR, and they want to learn CPR for Adult only or add on Child and/or Infant. Lay rescuers include: daycare workers, manufacturing agencies, security guards, etc.

Both CPR classes teach you what you need to know to save a life, but they teach you based on the environment that you are most likely to find yourself in. Regardless of your profession, it’s important that everyone learn the important life-saving skills of CPR.

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