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Prime Medical Training offers life-saving training for you, training for life! From basic CPR for the community to Advanced Cardiac Life Support for physicians, and many other classes for a wide scope of needs in Knoxville, Johnson City, Asheville, and Atlanta. An authorized AHA Training Center. All training is taught at a high standard by professional emergency instructors.

Core Values


Finding and taking the class you need doesn't have to be a hassle. Our customer support, class availability, and easy registration makes this a quick item to check off your list. The classes are taught by professional emergency instructors who have been vetted and trained to make classes dynamic and easy to comprehend.


Our team of staff and instructors provide a level of customer service not commonly found these days. We take our training seriously, and the quality of our programs will leave you impressed. In fact 92% of students say their training was better than any they've had in the past. Don't settle for less!


Prime Medical Training cares about providing training that when the rubber meets the road, our students can perform without hesitation. We also want to instill in working professionals a sense of pride in their training and profession.

CPR Classes

Join one of our professionally taught public CPR classes, request on-site training, or try our online blended program.

First Aid Training

Maximize your training session by combining CPR and First Aid Training. A great choice for schools and churches.

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Our BLS for Healthcare Providers will teach you or your team how to perform CPR as medical professionals.

Prime Medical Training Blog

How to Give Rescue Breaths

August 8, 2019

Rescue breaths, also known as assisted ventilation, is the act of assisting the mechanical function of the lungs and providing oxygen. Without oxygen, the human brain may be permanently damaged, and the victim may even die. Every minute without oxygen results in 10% of a person’s brain cells being damaged….

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CPR Wrap [Review]

January 8, 2018

We came across a new product while at the 2017 ECCU Conference, an event held to update resuscitation professionals – CPR instructors, practitioners, medical training program directors, and researchers – as well as SCA survivors and community in New Orleans. Today we’re doing a CPR Wrap review. This is a…

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WorldPoint Bleeding Control Course [Review]

January 2, 2018

Today we’re reviewing the WorldPoint Basic Bleeding Control course developed by WorldPoint. This is a comprehensive program which comes with everything you need including curriculum, DVD, tourniquets, posters, and other training equipment. Who is it intended for? The Basic Bleeding Control course is by far the best course of it’s…

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#1 Most Improved Business (Propel Competition)

June 23, 2017

Prime Medical Training recently won a competition for $1,000 for “most improved business”. This was a 2-year process that was all a part of the Knoxville Chamber’s Propel program. The goal of Propel is to take entrepreneurs and help propel their business by increasing their gross revenue at least 30%…

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2017 New Medical Director [Todd Heffern, MD]

June 22, 2017

We’re very excited to be introducing the newest member of our team. Our very first medical director, Dr. Todd Heffern. Dr. Heffern started his career with a background in EMS as a flight physician on a helicopter service in Grand Rapids, Michigan. His career path has brought him to Knoxville,…

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Tips to Protect Workers in Cold Weather

February 2, 2017

Tips to Protect Workers in Cold Weather Since we’re in the middle of winter, what better time to consider a few safety tips for yourself and your employees. Cold weather brings a long a whole set of challenges when it comes to staying safe. Some are obvious and others not so obvious….

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What went in my First Aid kit for Jamaica?

January 19, 2017

A few friends of mine own a video production company called Evolvr. They’re going down to Jamaica next week to shoot some footage, and they asked me to come along to accompany them as a Paramedic in case anyone gets hurt. What I want to share with you guys today…

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How to Replace Adult Prestan Manikin Lung Bags

December 6, 2016

In this post, we are going to discuss the proper steps for replacing Adult Prestan Manikin lung bags. What is the Correct Position for Adult Prestan Manikin lung bags? To start with, there are people who are yet to know the correct location for the mouth/face shield of the Prestan…

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How to Replace Infant Prestan Manikin Lung Bags

November 29, 2016

Today we’re going to look at how to remove and replace the infant Prestan Manikin lung bag. Before getting started, you will need to check if the infant Prestan Manikin has been set up properly. What is the Correct Position for Infant Prestan Manikin Lung Bags? Before you start using…

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[Ultimate] PALS Algorithm Study Guide

October 24, 2016

Today we are going to be talking about something new. The 2015 PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) course has been released. This means new DVDs and new books. It is pretty exciting! I am waiting for my order to come in as we speak! For those of you looking to complete…

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